Roadmap - Covid

8th March:

No change to current systems. Vaccinations limited and only if getting close to 3 month grace. No nail clips, anal glands or 6 month nurse checks unless welfare concern.


29th March:

All routine appointments can start. But still no clients in the building.


19th April:

Clients allowed inside waiting area limited to 1 at Farncombe, 2 at Vale and 5 at Farnham. Full PPE still worn. Clients must wear masks to be allowed in, no exceptions. 1 client per pet.


31st May:

Clients allowed in consult rooms (1 per pet) for no longer than 15 minutes. Full PPE still to be worn. The client must be wearing a mask. 


21st June:

All work and restrictions lifted. No PPE needed. No limitations to number of clients in the building or consulting room.